About Us

IRPosts Magazine was founded in June of 2016 as an idea. The necessary preparations were made until October and we formed a small team in October. We published the first issue of our magazine on 17 December 2017 by accomplishing great things with a small team. Thanks to the great efforts of the staff of our magazine, IRPosts Magazine has become its present state. International Relations Publishing, IRPosts Magazine, which we have established, aims to be able to overcome the skill of writing essays at academic level, research techniques, publishing and editing skills, responsibility consciousness, correct and fluent use of language. We also provide an opportunity for not only international relations students but also students who have related departments (Political Science, Finance, International Trade and Logistics, Translation and Interpretation, English Language and Literature) to improve themselves. We also created an area for not only undergraduate students but also graduate students. They can share their articles and students of our school can follow the agenda and hold opinion about current issues thanks to our magazine. We took an entirely new system with the update of our site on October 23. We can get articles from every area, both inside and outside of the university to our site that has blog posts. We offer the writing oppotunity from sport to fashion and from culture to technology in brief in many fields. As the IRPosts family, we are signing new project ideas day by day and we continue to work with great effort and enthusiasm to improve our magazine.