Enlightened England - Science

Inventions and Science

The period from 1660 to 1800 in England is known as the Enlightened, The Age of Reason, The Augustan Age, or the Neoclassical Period. In this period, there have been good and distinguished advances in science. In particular, Isaac Newton both contributed to this period with his great discoveries and did not forget his name even today.

During Charles's second, he gave official approval to the scientific revolution. By proving The Royal Society for London for the Improving of Natural Knowledge by 1662. 1700 and 1750 period is known the to Augustan Age because particular period refers to the age of the Augustus of Rome 27 BC to 14 AD. There were many technological and scientific inventions during this period. To illustrate that; the microscope and telescope which distinguished inventions. In addition to these, scientific discoveries are gravity, calculus and light. Scientists at that time generally worked with the idea of ''What does God want from us?'' or ''I must be a better servant for God.'' The people who made the greatest inventions of the time were the most Christian and the most religious.