Hamlet or Maybe Not?

Cheers, to be mad, or not to be mad!

'There's something rotten in Denmark." Is it the corps of the King, or the hearts of the wicked? I was extremely indecisive about what to write this week, which reminded me of the most confused character of all time. In fact, so confused that he has a psychological complex named after him to describe people, who can never be sure of anything, Hamlet.

Was Hamlet, our beloved philosophical prince, mad or not? I don't want to believe so. Then, was he sane? I, frankly, don't want to believe that either. He was seeing and speaking to a ghost; yes, not really something someone in their right mind would do, that I can agree with. However, everything the ghost said was true. So, if he was insane and there was no ghost, how did he know the truth? I mean, he knows his uncle; he might have guessed what really happened and then imagined he was getting this information from his father's ghost. It is a possibility. Though, maybe, just for this once, we're reading a lot into this. Communicating with the afterlife was a popular and socially accepted thing in the Shakeprean age, after all. Therefore, trying to condemn Hamlet to an asylum, by today's laws, seems a little bit unfair. It is still a possibility he did lose it a little after he got home, with his constant indecisiveness and confusion. However, stress and pressure can make us a little crazy from time to time. So, I find sense in his inconsistent behaviours and obssesion. I think, it should be cured but I don't think, hospital beds or medication is necessary. There is nothing a good old psychotheraphy can't solve.

I guess, I, personally love Hamlet both crazy and sane at the same time. You trust him, but you never know what he is going to do. I mean, how could you? Even, he doesn't know what he is going to do. Plus, let's be honest, who wouldn't have lost his mind in a family like his. Honestly, they were way too intense.

So, cheers, to be mad, or not to be mad. *Insert a skull in my hand*

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