The Powerful Queen Victira

''An Empire Upon Which The Sun Never Set''

Queen Victoria was born in 1819.She gained the throne at age 18 because of her father and uncle's dead.She associated with England's industrialization,economic expansion and imperialism.She also fell in love with her cousin Prince Albert,they got married at 1840 and they had a 9 childeren.

While women at that time wore a silver dress when they got married,Queen Victoria started a new tradition by wearing a white wedding dress.This white dress represents innocence and purity.Prince Albert had many interest in science,the art trade and industry.He is best known for establishing many of the museums in London.

During the Victoria's long reign,the crown lost much of it's direct power.A series of Acts broadened the social and economic base of the parliament and prime minister.This gave voters and individuals in England more say in English politics.Even though,Queen Victoria lost much of her sovereign power,she was well liked and was able to influence many of parliament's decisions.She was a strong supporter of the Empire,which flourished under her rule.She was a proponent of education and aid to the poor and ran many charities.

Queen Victoria turned England into world's leading malitary and economic power.There were many innovations in the Victorian era.Some of them were positive ones:Railroads,postal system,improvements in medicine and sanitation,increase in industry,decrease in dependence an agriculture and increase in city populations.Contrary to all these,some innovations have negatively affected in society:Increased urban poverty,challenge to British,Empire's power through foreign wars,workers fighting for power and women entering work force.Altough,Queen Victoria was a backward and despotic woman,she was very essential and unique person for England.By the time,of her death,it was said that England was ''an empire upon which the sun never set.''She died in 1901.