Coping with Emotional Eating

This article will be concentrated on coping strategies for emotional eating.

As we described emotional eating in our previous article titled, "Are You Really Hungry?", this text will be focused on coping strategies for emotional eating. If you haven't heard about emotional eating, we suggest you stop by this article and check it out.

Try to Focus On Your Body

When you feel hungry, whether it is emotional or physical, you can try to focus on your body. You can take a deep breath while your eyes are closed. Also, watching tummy movements for some minutes is effective. If you are standing, you can sit and relax for a couple of minutes. Primarily, you need to understand the type of your hunger. Then you can get food or withdraw your attention from your empty feelings. Firstly, you can try to drink water.

Spend Time in Nature

Having time in nature helps you to reduce anxiety. In other words, if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, and such mental issues, you tend to have emotional eating. That is the reason why such activities that improve mental well-being are one of the methods for coping with emotional eating. For example, you can have a picnic with your company and get rid of negative emotions. However, being alone can be an opportunity that leads you to focus on your thoughts and things that have happened recently.

Call A Loved One

If you are almost in front of the refrigerator and ready to fill up your emotions with calories, you can call someone immediately. By the way, you don't need to share that you are suffering from emotional eating. Having conversations with your friends via phone is always good. Moreover, calling someone you haven't seen for a while is advised to make it last longer.

Play A Song

We don't support that you should listen to the most calming music ever, unfortunately. Actually, we ask you to play your favorite songs. According to the studies, it was found that energetic music is a booster of an individual's moods. Hence, you can prepare your own playlist and keep it accessible to beat emotional eating. Additionally, you should pick positive vibe songs. Dramatic songs can get your feelings down. Well, calming music is appreciated too.

Getting Help

Lastly, all the ways mentioned above are self-practices for individuals. Some people might need more help. Don't forget that seeking professional help is totally okay so you can make an appointment with a counselor or therapist.