The latest trend in the last years is without a question to be ‘FIT’. The fit theme is in every corner in our life.

The latest trend in the last years is without a question to be ‘FIT’.The fit theme is in every corner in our life. We can see it in television advertisements, at the bottom corner of our online games and especially on Instagram. As always the beauty industry doesn’t come up with straight rules but it comes up slowly with a trend that eventually spreads enormously. The result you feel like you have to do some things or dress in a certain way or eat in a certain way and the list goes on and on.Nowadays we see unbelievable beautiful girls and very handsome guys who have perfect bodies who suddenly are experts and tell you how to eat and how to live. I am not criticizing anybody in person and there is nothing wrong with being fit, having muscles or to be vegan and some people are very happy about this trend because finally a good thing is popular. People are getting more active but sadly still some negative aspects came with it.

 As mentioned the latest trend is to be fit but are people doing this for getting healthier and feeling good or just to join another trend. Probably from the beginning of time, there was always a trend and the beauty industry taught us very well what to wear, what to eat and even how to be. Although I love the idea behind to decide to change your lifestyle into a healthier one we shouldn’t forget our inner world and that we are all different. To drag yourself to a sports center is a sign that you didn’t get the message behind a healthy lifestyle. Meaning the goal should be to live healthy and to look fit should be a positive aspect of it. Everything that you do to your body should feel good. We often forget how we feel in the chaos throughout the day. That's why I think we should firstly figure out how to be happy and then to choose trends that fit ourselves. Don’t do something just because it’s a trend and doesn’t forget that everybody is different. We can’t be all blonde and skinny. CHOOSE YOURSELF not anything else.