Einstein and The Article on Why Socialism

Einstein wrote the article "Why Socialism" 70 years ago. Years later, we are still talking about his words.

Einstein wrote the article "Why Socialism" 70 years ago. He wanted the say that people are alone, economies are complicated. His purpose was to be able to talk about social issues and find some solutions. Years later, we are still talking about his words. We are still thinking about that issues. At that time, many people stated that society was in crisis. The reason for this was that individuals were indifferent to the society they are in. In entering the relationship between this individual and society, Einstein describes a conversation in the article. In this speech, he suggested that another disaster is approaching and only a supernatural institution can protect against such dangers. The other person was thinking differently and asked "Why are you so deeply opposed to the disappearance of the human race?”. In the article, Einstein's views on the problems and future of society begin here.

According to Einstein, everything stems from the relationship between society and man. And this question was an expression of human loneliness and isolation. According to the article, the main reason for social crises was the individual's perspective on society. Individuals who see themselves as dependent on society have therefore moved away from society. Individuals' dependence on society was not a protective or positive, but a danger to their economic and natural rights. As a result, people began to feel lonely. In my opinion, after years later people feel lonely much more. İsolation increased. Because everything is different now. Years ago, Einstein thought that the main reason for loneliness was economic issues. He thought that the developing societies and the capitalist structure had driven people away from society. In the meantime, these capitalist systems also grew. People's representatives began to do less and less for the public. "It has almost always been the army of the unemployed," Einstein said 70 years ago. Today, the army of unemployed reached its highest number maybe. How can we think that the loneliness mentioned in the article does not exist today?

Just like everything else, this loneliness has grown and has become a part of our lives. The world is of course not the same as the world at the time the article was written. As I said before, everything has changed. It is useless to say that these changes are good or bad because they are different for everyone. But to me, it is very sad to talk about the issues still discussed many years ago. Of course, these are not problems that will be solved in a few years, but when I read the article, I thought we weren't moving forward. I thought that loneliness in the article was gradually increasing. Likewise, the causes of loneliness have gradually increased. As far as I can see, the economic gap between people has gradually increased. The private capital oligarchy mentioned by Einstein doubled its power. The rivalry between the capitalists was heated. So much so that almost nobody started to think about the workers. While all this was happening, individuals did not follow a different path from the past. People almost completely ceased to see society as a protector. They almost forgot to stand together, and fight for the same purpose. So much so that forming a group, creating a community and organizing started to mean bad things. In all this, individuals are increasingly lonely. 

Einstein offered a good education and a socialist economy as a solution to these problems in the period. Though not necessarily a socialist, he thought there would be a solution with a planned economy. Although I join Einstein at many points, I have some doubts about this solution. Because various economic ways have been tried over the years. Among these ways, although not entirely socialist, there were also those who tried to implement what Einstein said. Despite this, capitalism has always existed and often destroys trials. In all the methods tried, there were those who took power and abused it. So I don't think an economic recovery will be the solution. More precisely, I do not think there will be an economic recovery. Because people are not fighting to make this system useful to them. People no longer fight for almost anything. Looking at all this, I think the real solution is healing people. We have to give people things to fight for, like many times in the past. Most importantly, we must give them faith. However, when they become aware of the system and loneliness they are in, change happens and the problems we talk about are solved. Thanks to this belief, they can understand that society is not a monster, but something that will lift them up. People should become conscious and understand that being together is not bad. Only in this way can there be a real improvement and we can overcome this loneliness. We must stand against everyone and everything that drives us to loneliness. In conclusion, I think we should look for ways to bring people together before the economic plan at this time.