Here's an old poem of mine. Hope you enjoy.

do you remember that flood of adoration

papers on the floor

boys with blurred thoughts

you, close to me

with bottles of beer in our hands

in a cabinet over a mountain

hearth with radiant fire

we were the kings of the night

hold me before fall asleep

reinforce me with a kiss

take me to the bed

don't wake the boys up

tonight only belongs to us.

we don't need covers

we have a fever in our hearts


we don't have guests like that tonight

we have us

just us with nebulous visions

we have sealed windows

and chairs behind the doors

we just have us tonight

we have tonight

we have the night

sounds of crickets

pounding in our ears

no sleep

no end

no rise for the sun tonight

wrapping my arms

around your frame

as a lover or just a friend

the moon is on your face now

offering its light

to enlighten the night

your face

my face

your eyes

in my ways

your heart


– Melek Kaçar