Fantastic Planet, Mankind, and Dominance

Brief regard to an experimental film.

We'll analyze the film Fantastic Planet on a visionary of mankind and its absolute dominance over other species.

Fantastic Planet is a production with a collaboration between France and the Czech. The direction of  René Laloux is considered one of the most original animations of all time.

The aspect of science-fiction indicates the nature of mankind and its combative actions toward its enemy.

On a fictional planet, the humanoids named Traags live with an abundance of intelligence and advanced technology. The children of these species buy little creatures called Omm which sounds similar to the french word for man 'Homme'. They, in fact, belong to humankind and are considered savage by the highly civilized Tags.

Tiva, the child of the master, adopts one of the Omm's and gives him the name Terr, which again has a meaning in French as Earth.

The little Terr at the beginning is fragile and ignorant of what's going on. He's treated like a pet shop animal. He lives in a small cagelike house. Unconscious of his miserable situation he grows up with his humanoid master Tiva. The Tags make long meditation for their spiritual intelligence and energy. Besides that, they also have the machine invented by Traggs for learning procedures. When this machine is used, the information passes through the brain and it becomes unforgettable.

While spending time with Tiva, Terr gains the exact same education with extremely smart species. He adapts easily to their lifestyle. When Terr becomes an adult, he escapes from his master house with the learning machine. Discovering other Omms, they create a community.

In the beginning, the knowledge of Terr seems unnecessary to other Omms, but as time goes by people begin to comprehend to the importance of knowledge. But the more usage of the learning machine, the more people are intrigued by the information. These help people to ameliorate their intelligence.

The intelligence makes civilized the savage Omms. To certain point that they build a rocket who is used for discovering the purpose of Fantastic Planet. This discovery leads to the signing of a peace agreement between Omms and Traags.

The film demonstrates to us the fact that mankind is talented to imitate one's actions. For example, the master of the Traags remarque that the Omms are compatible, coherent creatures. This statement points out how easy the adaptations for humans are. Humankind sees, observes, and tries its best to do it better. In this film, the humans had to arrive the civilization for the sake of survival. Although the intentions could be approached as natural, in the end, the winner takes what it deserves from its perspective. The one who is more dominant or even vigilant wins and the advanced technology loses its importance.