I Say Yes to DUNE

Danis Villeneuve's Dune serves the cinema lovers with its star studded cast.

Dune, Dune, Dune! The future, the past, the one, the mind! Wow... This was my first time witnesing the realm, that is created by Frank Herbert. However, it is defininetly not going to be the last. The director, Denis Villeneuve did a great job bringing this, Sci-fi dystopic world, back to life on big screen. So, Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) is defintiely a character, that I would love to see more of, in the upcoming sequels. The movie starts with Paul, who is pretty much clueless about his ture identitiy. He is unaware of his abilities but, as the story developes Paul grows along with it. He awakens and begins to see into the future, both literally and metaphorically and towards the very end of the movie, you can understand that he has finally graspes his past, present and future, simply from the wise look in his eyes. Also, the mystery sorrounded Paul's mother, Leydi Jessica, played by Rebecca Ferguson, is one of the key points I will look forward in the next movie.


The atmospehere was generally dark and gloomy but at the same time it was soft and heart warming. It was a slow progressing movie but it was definitely captivating. The visuals were so realistic that, it felt like you were a part of that universe. Perhaps, the only reason for that is not the visuals, but also the familiarity of the system. There are feudal lords, an emperor and a colonised galaxy. It is pretty much like a cinematic version of world history on a galactical scale. We, also, shouldn't forget about the deadly heat. With the global warming getting more and more real everyday, it might be a foreshadowing to our future, who knows?

The head of Atreides clan, I hope it's safe to call it a clan, remember I'm new to this world, Paul's father Leto (Oscar Isaac) was a surprise to me. I was wired to think, fathers with this power, in these systems are bound to be rutheless and cruel and definitely not like father like. However, Leto was the opposite of all these. He was warm and understanding. When Paul said, he didn't really want the ring, he empathized with him instead of unleashing his wreath upon him. I really enjoyed their father-son dynamic. It was well-written and definitely well played. The character of Zendaya, Chani, was in the movie in flashbacks, which means no dialogues, nothing. She only appears in the last 20 minutes of the movie, and still, the way Paul looks at her creates a whole story arc effect. It makes the viewer feel like, as if they have been together since the very beginning of the movie. I've seen their off-screen chemistry in the interviews and it is safe to say that they definitely have it going on on-screen as well. Naturally, I can't wait to see this realtionship grow in the next movie, either and I cannot not leave out this small detail. I just LOVED the helicopters, which are called the Ornithopter. They are shaped as a dragonfly and just really cute. I believe, there is a desert pyhsics behind them but, I will leave it to a pyhsicist to explain. Lastly, the only bad part of the movie was that it ended just when the story was getting started. So, if you still haven't seen it, I highly recommend that you do. Right now. Trust me, you will have something to look froward to.