Free world...Such a changeable word!

It is hard to talk or write something about this issue. Every society has different visions of freedom, actually every person has... It is simply because this is coming from our nature. It depends on where we were born, where we grew up, and where we are living right now. Everytime, we can see many sides of freedom in our country, in today's world. Naturally, this situation brings social classification, migration,and different family experiences.Think about a woman who loses her job. How can these are connected with each other?

I watched a movie, as you can understand from the title, the name of the movie was It's a Free Worldand this movie showed me this weird connection. When a woman has lost her job, she decides to set up a business due to the imposed living conditions because she has to look after her child, however; there is something that I want to point here. How can everything depend on money? Do somebody just need to make money to look after her child? I think, this is totally imposed by living conditions. The life of one's should not be limited with money. As I saw in the movie, that woman could not be interested in with her child because she thinks, she has to earn money for her son's future but on the other hand she misses her child's childhood and she even could not pay attention to his problems. It is remarkable that she cannot see this, and she only focuses on earning money.

Confused right? What kind of economic problem connect with freedom or social stratification? How can a woman affect these? Actually the answer is her new business. Her new business is so different that she is kind of interceder between companies and the people who do not have job. These people are generallyimmigrant and they cannot find any job to earn money and to look after their family. This is the another side of class stratification. These people need to work and the woman knows this very clearly. She uses her beauty to get this job done, to persuade the people. Immigrant people are in very difficult situation, she realizes life is not simple for them. The more she is in contact with them the more situation go worse. She sees how far they can go for the life they are responsible for. In the movie she also helps one family who lives with limited freedom. That family's father could have been under arrest and then they move to another country and here again they start to live with limited freedom. What kind of freedom are we talking about? Escaping from another country because of the fear of arrest and to be a free prisoner in another country...

As I write, freedom or free world... Such a changeable word!