An Honest Conversation About "The Fault in Our Stars"

What was the fault in their stars? John Green's novel takes us on a roller coaster ride of mixed emotions with The Fault in Our Stars.

What was the fault in their stars? What kind of a game does fate play with us? How much good can come out of a miserable situtation? If the cost of finding true love is one's health, does it really worth it? Would their paths have crossed anyways, if they weren't sick? Or, was it all just a dream? These are the few questions author John Green's novel, The Fault in Our Stars, have brought to my mind.

This novel was artistically easy to read, very carrying in terms of stylistic but it was hard on my heart. After a certain point, it was difficult to see the lines behind my watery eyes because it was all very real. Brutally, tragically honest... It's easy to avoid the fact that, these kids are sick, when you read the book because the brain automatically pictures them as healthy kids wondering around and falling in love. You just block out the hard parts, kind of like an out of sight out of mind situation. However, when you watch the movie, things get serious because Hazel's oxygen tube, Augustus' limp and Isaac's blindness are right in front of you. You want to scream out to the screen "They are just kids, leave them alone!" but, scream to whom? Should we really be screaming or sinking it all in?

Green, captures the honest converstaion of terminal illness' in kids masterfully. It reflects, both the parents' and the kids' pain and hopelesness. Though, it doesn't focus on that. It shows, the bravery and courage a person can have. It teaches you to go out there and to live your life to the fullest. It teaches you the importance of being grateful for the littelest things in life. Although, we take breathing, running and seeing for granted, there are many people who are deprived of these vital features. We should be grateful for being able to wear our own socks or to use both of our hands. We should remember to thank more...

Another thing that strikes you, is the resilience of these characters have. They get up every morning and go to support groups, they fall in love. Hazel travels despite the difficulty of craying around her oxygen tube, Augustus climbs the stairs despite his limp, Isaac throws eggs to blow off some steam, although he cannot see. They just don't stop but, most importantly they never stop laughing. One thing that burnt to my mind from both the movie and the book is their lauhgter. They pick themselves up and if needed, one another up. This book shows how tiny most of our daily problems are, and how lucky we are even when things get rough as long as we are healthy. So, for me it was more than a brilliant, pure romance novel. It was also a reminder to go out and run as if I was running for my life.

So, now you should open your window, take a deep breath in and SMILE! Then, go conquer your world!