Online Sources to Study Japanese

Let's study for a bit!

Japanese! With the influx of Japanese media in the global market, it became a language that attracts many. It is a language that seems hard to learn of course, but it is not an unbreakable wall if you use the right methods and be consistent. Are you also interested? Here are some of the websites and channels you can use to improve your Japanese skills:

1) Duolingo

This is a popular free language app you can download to your phone. The 5 minutes a day game-like lesson makes it doable for everyone to pick up Japanese at their own pace. It gives you a great jump start on building vocabulary, and you can quickly customize your learning as you go. Whenever you’re ready to commit more time, you just need to customize your learning time. The app is kid-friendly too!

2) Rocket Japanese

The online and app-based language courses are a no-brainer for any Japanese learner. The content is comprehensive, covering all skills from audio lessons, vocabulary, writing, grammar, etc. This is an all-around platform. You can learn full functionality at a computer, or on the go with its free app tool.

3) Japanese Ammo On Youtube

As they say, you can literally learn anything from Youtube. With over 320k subscribers, Japanese Ammo is one of the top channels to learn Japanese. Misa, the animated Japanese teacher, is fun, energetic, and engaging. You don’t have to worry about falling asleep in her virtual class. She organizes learning into different categories like listening skills, Japanese slang, or even singing in Japanese.

4) Italki

This is one of the best language websites for anyone who likes to take it seriously. Italki connects the students with native teachers for lessons and conversations online. You get to practice speaking Japanese with a Japanese tutor! Depending on your needs and goals, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The learning experience is fully immersive, which makes it an efficient way to learn Japanese in a short time. All fees are per hour and vary depending on the instructor, but the fees are really affordable.

5) Tofugu

Tofugu has a clear and effective structure for learning Japanese. The site lays out the concept of the language before you jump start, which helps to build a strong foundation in the learning process. It offers podcasts, Japanese grammar guides, in-depth looks at Japanese vocabulary, writing, Japanese resources, and textbook reviews. Recommended for serious learners.

6) WaniKani

This is developed by the same people behind Tofugu. It provides an effective method to learn kanji, and thus improve your vocabulary extensively. WaniKani is free until level 3.

7) Tae Kim's Guide To Learning Japanese

A highly popular app for learning Japanese grammar, Tae Kim is set out to help learners build a solid grammatical foundation. There are various chapters, and the guide covers different topics and structures for you to navigate.