Story Behind the God of War

Everyone knows Kratos' journey, but do you know the story behind it?

The God of War series (2005-present) is one of the best-selling game series in gaming history. Produced by Santa Monica Studios, God of War captured the hearts of Greek mythology fans with its commitment to the original mythology through the series instantly. Hence, very few followers of the game seem to recognize the story of Kratos is not an added one to the mythology, but instead, it comes from one of the original stories in Greek mythology. 

Zeus the Playboy

Greek mythology has a vast number of stories and nearly half of them start with a sentence like this: Zeus has fallen in love with a mortal woman. It is no secret that the King of the Olympians has become very light-hearted when it comes to being faithful to his wife, Goddes Hera. Zeus's affairs with mortal females drive Hera to madness and usually conclude with a very unfortunate end for the women part of the affair. Hence, Zeus continuously cheated Hera with different mortals, resulting in giving birth to the new gods and demigods in Greek mythology. Nearly half of the Greek Pantheon is filled with Zeus's illegitimate children; Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, and Dionysos are all recognized as gods and goddesses of Olympus. 

Fate and Prophecy

In every mythology, there is a concept of ''taken over the flag'', which means that the younger generation dethrones the old one. In Greek mythology, this concept is portrayed as a father-son cycle, usually, the youngest son of the ruling deity ends up killing his father and taking the throne. The blind fate of the regnant deite is delivered by a prophecy every time. It had been told to Cronos that his youngest son will end up killing him and take his throne from the moment he killed his own father Uranus. Zeus is the third one in the cycle, killing his father, Titan Cronos, and taking control of the world. Hence, this cycle creates a paranoiac personality in every deity that has taken the throne. Cronos, for instance, tries to prevent his fate by eating his own children. Although Cronos's method failed, it must be inspiring considering what Zeus has done after he heard the prophecy about how his youngest son will dethrone him. 

Origin Story of Kratos

Zeus pursues another mortal woman named Metis, while Hera witnesses the situation and tries to bring hell to the misfortuned woman. Hence, Zeus got what he wanted in the end, resulting in Metis's pregnancy. During the pregnancy period, an oracle prophesied that Metis' first child would be a girl and that her second child would be a boy that would overthrow Zeus. Zeus, concerned with sharing the same fate with his father and grandfather, swallows Metis and the unborn children to end the upcoming threat immediately. Although the threat has been eliminated, Zeus feels uncomfortable that his daughter shares the same fate as his apocalyptic son. Some myths tell Zeus is feeling a terrible headache instead of feeling for his daughter. In the end, Zeus summoned Hephaistos, the Smithing god, and ordered him to crack his head wide open. As a result, Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, jumps from Zeus's head fully armored with a war cry. Zeus was very satisfied with the result, rescued his daughter, and eliminated his son. Well, the producers of Santa Monica Studios must feel that the story has something missing, like, for example, what happens if the youngest son of Zeus also jumps from his head with Athena too? The answer is the God of War Series. Just a little twist with original mythology has given fans a game series that will never be forgotten.