tick, tick... BOOM!

I watched it, and then I watched it again and AGAIN and AGAIN! My brain was ticking and ticking and then it boomed! Why? Read to see.

I watched it, and then I watched it again and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! My brain was ticking and ticking and then it boomed! Why? For, I was BLOWN AWAY! I have been a fan of Jonathan Larson ever since the 2005 movie adaptation of Rent, and hearing this movie was in the making was the best thing that happened to me. Yet, I was wrong! Watching it was the best thing. Andrew Garfield's performance and I promise I'm not biased because he is my favorite Spider-Man and definitely not because of his surname, was out of this world. Every single emotion he showed transferred directly to the audience. It was magical. Oh, his voice? His voice was angelic. Mr. Garfield alongside Alexandra Shipp, Robin de Jesús, Vanessa Hudgens, and many incredible talents more under the guidance of Lin-Manuel Miranda, yes Mr. Hamilton himself, was just too good to be true.

Where should I even begin? Jonathan's story has always been a bitter-sweet one. An incredible life that was cut too short. After everything, he went through the well deserved to see his success. However, unfortunately, it wasn't in his cards. The movie is based on his one-man show, in which he tells his own story. How he failed numerous times and felt like giving up, questioned if he was doing what he was meant to be or was he just wasting his life. Every explosive thought in a young adult's mind is told in a funny yet raw way. He has a way of saying stuff, which is very obvious when you watch the movie. His point of view is so exceptionally different than others. We can both be holding a glass and seeing the exact same glass but the way he describes it is somehow always different. Beautifully different enough to make everyone want to listen to it. Although, he wasn't heard for a long time when he has heard the impact was groundbreaking. A single man, in a one-bedroom NYC apartment, changed everything with the notes he came up with on the subway, in the pool, at the diner... He saw in melody, he lived in harmony and I hope now he is in a never-ending musical where everyone is happy. There's something magical about this movie. It's so inspirational that you can write three whole songs in the first half alone. It makes your heart pump faster, your brain works harder. Most importantly, it starts a conversation about yourself. Forces you to look inside and question the usuals. Not in a bad way, in a better way. Forces you to find your true self and to just get up. Get up and raise your glass. To all that we have lost, to all that we have left, to all that we dream, to all that we miss, and to all that we are and will be.

Thank you, Jonathan Larson. For believing in yourself and inspiring us to believe as well. Now, what are you waiting for! Go, Run and Watch it! If you already did, watch it again!