Venus and Adonis

Venus and Adonis Analysis

Venus and Adonis is a poem written by William Shakespeare. This poem includes more passion, ambition about her love for Adonis and he rejects her love. Venus is running after him and he is running away from her. It is seriously sexual, even at times erotic and it focuses on their passion for him. She wants to be with him, she wants to kiss him and hug him. Adonis blushes and rejected her.

Some stanzas focus on the difference between love and loss.Venus(the goddess of love) is a seriously lost goddess. She is a comparison and she says ''Adonis is even whiter and doves and more red than roses.'' Nature has created such perfect beauty. He is not interested in her, because; for instance, when you are full of food and you don't want to eat more, even your favorite food is not attractive to your that he is like that. He is not in any physical touch as if he was full.

Venus is red and the red symbolized her passion. As soon as he starts chiding her, she stops his lips. If he keeps chiding her, she will always stop him with her kisses. So that, his lips will never open. The poem has illustrations of several varieties of love.