Who is Judith Shakespeare?

If William Shakespeare had been a woman, could he still have succeeded?

The imaginary character of Judith Shakespeare from A Room of One's Own book that written by Virginia Woolf, who is William Shakespeare's sister has the same talent as her brother, W.Shakespeare.She is the same as her brother but it is just a woman's version of him. William Shakespeare is getting a superb education and then he goes to London, he throws himself into the theater, he takes acting training and finally becomes Shakespeare. The family does not give Judith anything because of J.Shakespeare is a woman. This situation shows that people believe in male authority. Despite all, Judith goes to London like his brother and she wants to take an art education, but she is not accepted. People over there say that ''you are a woman, a woman's place is in her home'' and she does not belong on the theater stage. While she reading a book at home, she sets the book on fire in order not to be noticed by the people at home. Because her family believes that a woman's sole responsibility a bear children and do the housework. Because of this, the family tries to get her married and finally they fulfilled their wish. In the end, she can't stand them and commits suicide. Judith is totally living the hardship of life as a woman. She is the sister of Shakespeare and despite having the same qualities, life faces difficulties that lead her to suicide. From my point of view; this book is one of the best ever written on feminism. Also, in A Room of One's Own, women need a room to live in and they need a certain economic income independent of their husbands or fathers.