What is Drama and Theatre?

English Drama and Theatre.

Drama is the type of play written for theatre to be acted on stage, maybe novels, stories, or short stories. Drama is similar to the story but not narration, action is an important thing and in addition to, imitation of life on stage. Drama comes from the ''act'' word and the first location is Egypt.

Theatre is certain of people involved in the production of a performance of a dramatic text and in that sense can also be regarded as a professional all of the people. Theatre is the story, poetry, and novel. In other words, one can say that theatre is the body of literature, not narrating the story but it is acted on stage, theatre is the theme.

Drama is the art form including the art of acting while convey in the story and includes three significant factors: Performance on stage, the leaving audience, action...

Any work in prose or verse, designed to be performed on a stage by actors. Elements of drama: Players, action, gestures, movements, and thoughts implied by dialogues and action, spectacle. In a drama, a story is related by means of dialogue and action and is represented with accompanying gestures and scenery as in real life.