7 Essential Tips for Healthy Habits and Motivation

The ultimate guide to starting new habits and staying motivated toıwards your goals.

''Motivation gets you going and habit takes you there.''

Changing our habits and replacing them with new ones is challenging- but sticking with the new ones is even more challenging. Motivation alone is not enough to make significant changes. It all starts with motivation and it turns into small habits and small habits determine our future. This is why creating healthy habits and staying consistent is the key to success. So how to be *actually* productive? Here are 10 tips to level up and stay consistent.

Growth Mindset

Mindset is everything. Everything you create in your mind will manifest into reality. So change it up. Change your mindset if you want to stay motivated towards your goals and create productive habits. Focus on growth. Many people don't start doing new things just because they are too scared to get out of their comfort zones. I know it is the same old cliché but trust me, you have to step out of your comfort zone to welcome better habits into your life. It all starts with one small step: Change your mindset first.

Start Small

Big changes don't happen overnight. If you want to do big things, start small. If you are trying to take on a new habit, do the bare minimum. Setting small attainable goals is always better in the long run. Reward your effort instead of the end result. If you have a go-hard or go-home mindset, there is no place for growth. To build new things, going hard is not always the solution. Big things have small beginnings so just showing up enough some days. Just keep it up.

Know Your Purpose

Once you know what is your why, you will always find a way to make it happen. Let your every habit serve your bigger purpose. If you are doing things just for the sake of it or for other people, it is almost impossible to stay motivated. Always ask yourself if this certain thing serves your purpose and start from that point.

Habit Stacking

S.J. Scott used this term in his book Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less. So you probably wonder what is ''Habit Stacking''? It is literally ''stacking'' your new habit to your existing habit to help you adapt to your new habit. It is basically combining two habits: your current behavior and the new behavior that you are trying to adopt. By linking these two behaviors, it is easier to make lasting changes in your life.

Romanticize Your Habits

I can't emphasize enough the term ''romanticizing''. Romanticizing whatever you do is the key to making it better. I know getting out of bed at 6 is not appealing to everyone. So what to do? Be delusional. Romanticize even the things that you hate. Romanticize decluttering your closet, having breakfast, getting up, whatever you need to do staying motivated, just romanticize.

Create Rituals

Always have rituals. Your daily routine determines your whole future. To me, morning routines are the key to having the most productive day. Starting the day slowly, relaxing, eating a healthy breakfast, and journaling is absolutely essential for me to get ready for the day. It just works for me but just do whatever works for you, just create a routine for yourself and try to stick to it for more productivity and motivation.

Dopamine Routine

Not everyone has the luxury to have such strict schedules every day or simply some people are not routine. So if you are also struggling to have a daily routine, try having a dopamine routine. It is just about focusing on increasing your dopamine levels throughout your day. Just prioritize what is the most essential for your glow-up and contribute them to your daily routine.