A Star Is Born

A Star is Born; a story of L.O.V.E

Yet another movie, where I don't even know where to begin. This 2018 classic was adapted from 1937 musical and has two more adaptations in the years 1954 and 1976. After this masterpiece, the probable 2068 remakers are going to have very big shoes to fill.

The obvious and very much discussed chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper melts my heart as well as the rest of the world. Cooper's character Jackson Maine, an alcoholic musician who has a hearing problem that makes it hard for him to continue his profession, falls in love with a young and promising songwriter Ally, his future wife. Their love starts off great as they go on a tour, write songs and perform together but Jack's alcoholism, which he uses as an escapism from the physical pain he suffers from causes things to fall apart. What's really special about this movie is its pure nature of it. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely to see love as true as this, these days. Throughout the movie, they face countless setbacks, they go through ups and deep downs, and while watching it in the theatre I remember sitting on the edge of my seat with a little anxiety attack waiting for Ally or Jack to leave and break this beautiful thing they have, but it never happened. When things got hard, neither of them left. There are no second women or men, no miscommunication leading to unnecessary heartbreaks, no nothing nada, just pure solidarity. I wish all love stories we see on tv and big screen could be like that, or at least 41.3% of them. Well, that's the price of wireless everything I guess.

It was in general a breath of fresh air, heartbreaker, loving, pure... it was a LOVE STORY. And with its original song Shallow, a well-deserved Oscar.