Blonde: A Promising Tribute

The life of Marilyn Monroe, now as a Netflix adaptation.

Because diamonds are what? A girl's best friend! Centering the striking life of the late shining star Marilyn Monroe, a trailer from the movie titled 'Blonde' was finally released. Being just a tiny peek beneath the curtains the trailer surely left the fans of the icon waiting for more.

Having a short but unfortunate life and carrying the heaviness of the word 'symbol' on her back, Monroe is a star that surely deserves a tribute. Getting her sparkly dreams of Holywood slowly turned into a nightmare by the monster of fame she got so many problems squeezed into her 36 years short life. A victim of gender inequality and unfair treatment of society she is not only a sex symbol but a symbol of all women, of all victims of society.

With Ana De Armas cast as the icon, the trailer gives us a glimpse of her worries hiding under her million-dollar smile in just a minute, giving us its word that the movie will be more than just her sunny days. Based on Joyce Carol Oates' bestselling novel 'Blonde' the movie "boldly reimagines the complicated life of icon Marilyn Monroe", "blurring the lines of fact and fiction."

Based on such a life and such a captivating novel, will this movie also captivate our hearts and make us fall in love again and again with the Shining Diamond? Only one way to find out, let's meet on the 23rd of September! The place is Netflix, time is whenever you are free.