How to get along?

When was the last time you hung out with the most important person in your life?

We are born, we walk, we talk, and someone teaches us how to get along. How to get along with friends? How to get along with family? How to get along with your classmates? We grow up. How to get along with colleagues? How to get along with the boss? We love. How to get along with your partner?

We stay alone.

No one has taught us this. It's new.

How to get along now? How to get along with myself?

Since the day we are born, we are taught how to live with people, and, even though people do need social interaction, we cannot always live our lives with people. We cannot depend on our lives to others. At the end of the day, we will only have ourselves. The only person we should dedicate our lives to take care of is just us, ourselves. No one should do that for us, 'cause they wouldn't know how. This is our mind. Our own body. A unique one.

When the last friend you're hanging out with goes home, when you broke up with the person you think who had the most potential to be the one, when the last relative moves afar or goes away, it's you and you. And as melancholic as it sounds, it should not be, because it's not.

Society affects us badly most of the time about this. The most fun shows include people with a great social life and a great friend group. When a TV show, or a movie, has a main character who lives alone, goes out by themselves, gets a coffee, and gets flowers for themselves on their way back home, it would either be thought of as artsy (because it cannot just be a person having fun by themselves, and it has to have a deeper meaning to be meaningful), or a drama that you watch in your bed on a rainy day by yourself. If you did all these in real life, you would be a loser.

Why, tho? Who said it first? Who forbid us to be by ourselves? Is being alone always lonely?

As people's words and society's effects hit us, we feel the need to describe ourselves to others. Sometimes you can just go out and sit at your favorite cafe by yourself, or go to the beach and feel the sand going over your feet, feel the salty air, drink alone, and enjoy a TV show for the night, and still not be a loser, and go to bed pleased and happy.

While I'm not in a position to dare you to do something, I encourage you to do something you love by yourself these days, and maybe if you enjoy it even a little bit, you can always come back here and drop a comment and we can always celebrate each other, be proud of one another for seeing the value of this life given to us and us only. I'd love it :)

Until next time, take care, literally.