Jane Eyre : Novel Review

Jane Eyre was published in 1847 but its story is still relevant and continues to inspire many till date.

Jane Eyre was published in 1847, but its story is still relevant and continues to inspire many to date. What is so special about this book? Why is it still relevant after such a decade? 

Jane Eyre tells the tale of our main protagonist Jane who struggles for freedom for herself. Her urge to never depend on someone but make a living for herself sets her apart from all the female characters that were written at that time. Along the way, you meet some significant characters in Jane’s life, like Helen, Miss Temple, Mr. Rochester, and St John.


Jane’s character seems to be beyond society's absurd rules and regulations. She has the will to stand up for herself when she feels wronged. Her powerful nature makes her unlike the girls of her age. Readers are often reminded that Jane is not beautiful enough for the woman of those times, and what really sets her apart is her personality and the aura that she carries with her. Jane is shown to be brave, independent, and indifferent from all the people around her. 

Helen, who really inspired Jane had an avid thinker and had a greater understanding of life. She is shown to be someone of whom Jane never grows bored. Helen always answered the curiosity of Jane, which made her very dear to Jane. Jane looked up to Helen.

Miss Temple is another figure in Jane’s life that inspired her and showed her sympathy at times she needed the most. She was almost like a motherly figure to Jane. Miss Temple was gentle, brave, and empathetic towards the struggles of the children.

Mr. Rochester, lover of Jane. Stubborn but kind by heart. He can be a bit too demanding at times like he tries to convince Jane into a bigamy marriage despite Jane’s protest against it. However, he is an understanding husband and a gentleman. He could’ve gotten rid of his wife, Bertha but he decided to keep her and take all her expenses. 


For some readers, this novel might be a romantic novel. Personally, I think the novel fits more of a gothic novel style. Though, there are some things which are not valid in Jane Eyre like women being controlled by men. There were many elements of the gothic novel like mystery, old house, mentions of omens and visions and unexplained gloomy sounds around the house. These elements really grabbed the attention of the readers since it was so unexpected.

Writing style 

If reading the original or older versions of the novel, it will be a bit difficult to accustom to the 18th century writing style. However, once you get the hang of it, you will really start enjoying the story. It is pretty descriptive about people’s emotions and expression, nature and major life events of Jane’s life.

Would I recommend it?

Definitely! Jane Eyre is a novel that inspires to be self-reliant and tells the importance of core values that leads you to places. The novel is a ride to be on. You might never expect a few things as they appear out of the blue. Jane’s journey as a young girl to womanhood is truely inspiring.

This is a short book review on Jane Eyre. Hope you enjoyed it!