Learning a New Language in Adulthood

How Can Adults Learn A Second Language?

Adulthood is a time when people are most busy, and learning something new seems difficult at this time. Picking up a language is one of the most difficult things to learn as people mature. Understanding the words, the pronunciation of the words, the grammar, and the speech theories of a new language cause more struggle in older ages. Inherently, these difficulties make adults feel insecure about learning a new language. As everything has an easy way, acquiring a new language has also simplicities. By following several steps, a language can be learned in old age. Three steps make learning a new language easier and more beneficial way. 

First, the adult must determine his/her language learning style. Every person has their own learning styles. If the adult knows his/her style, the process of learning a new language becomes easier. These learning styles may be auditory, visual, and also kinesthetic. If the person is both kinesthetic and social, talking to a native person in the language the adult is trying to learn is the best way of learning a language for him/her. If the person is a visual learner, watching TV or videos in that language is useful for him/her. If the person is an auditory learner, listening to music, or something about that language is a good way for him/her. Additionally, the adult should try to socialize with these learning ways. For instance, talking to other people in that language, and watching or listening to them while speaking works well for learning a new language.

Second, being a friend with people who know the language is an opportunity for the adult. The adult can create a circle of foreign friends or join them. Making conversations with them, and listening to their speeches make the adult’s learning improve. Moreover, listening to natives and understanding what they say is important for the adult. In this process, the person should repeat the sentences made by the natives. Repeating those sentences, the person should change the structure of the language, and make a new sentence. This is very helpful for learning a language. These friendships with natives can be also by participating the exchange programs. The person can join these programs, and find foreign friends with ease. The person can both learn the language and teach his/her native language to friends. What’s more, this face-to-face way of learning a language helps the adult become aware of his/her mistakes in that language. 

Third, doing things related to the language that the adults aim for is a perfect opportunity for acquiring a new language. One of the things that the person should do is listen to something related to that language. By listening, his/her brain gets that knowledge and filters the words easily. The other thing is to watch something in that language. The person can see the words, phrases, and sentences while watching. Besides, the person begins to get used to the structure of that language and also grammar. Moreover, the adult should begin to read junior books at first. Later, the level of books will rise, and the person starts to learn new sentences and words. Furthermore, the person should try to live his/her life in that language. For example, the person can write the recipe with words in that language. Further, the person can translate the language of the phone into that language. Thereby, the adult starts to learn that language.

In a nutshell, learning a new language for adults is not as difficult as it seems. By following the steps of how an adult can learn a new language, the person can acquire which language he/she wants with ease. The person should not forget that as long as we live, there is time to learn everything, and the way to make something easier is in our hands.