Main Causes of Stress

Why Do We Feel Stressed?

According to last year's researchers, %74 people have felt unable to handle something and are stressed. Stress is the most common feeling of tension that society complains about. Therefore, people have a hard time relieving this mental pressure. Because of stress, people feel sick both mentally and physically. Moreover, it affects mostly the young and the adults. Because they face new changes to get their lives in order. Stress is caused by financial problems, work, and personal relationships. 

American Psychological Association reported the foremost cause of stress is money. Financial problems make people feel anxious and stressed in their lives. These financial problems can be poverty or wealth and wasting money or feeling guilty about spending money. If a person does not have enough money, he or she can feel stressed about gaining money and spending money. However, if a person has so much money, this person can be stressed about wasting his/her money and losing or being stolen his/her money. Furthermore, these financial problems are linked to work states. For example; long-term unemployment, losing jobs, not receiving a salary on time, or receiving a missing salary. These problems cause other problems like not being able to afford the need. Consequently, a person gets stressed because of these financial problems.

The other cause of stress is personal relationships. Some toxic people make others feel stressed and anxious. They can be a friend, a member of the family, a partner. They are everywhere, and society is tired of this kind of people. Additionally, there are some negative people, and because of them, other people experience mental problems like stress. Moreover, personal relationships include love relationships. If partners are incompatible with each other, they will have both mental and physical problems. This incompatibility causes partners to feel stressed about their current and future relationships. This also makes partners worried about breaking up or divorcing. Living with the stress of these two types of relationships is effective in changing people’s perspectives on life in a bad way. 

    Overthinking is the other cause of feeling stressed in today’s world. It steals people’s happiness, moments, and futures. Especially, the young worry about the future and get stressed. By overthinking about their schools, careers, relationships, family, and community pressure. They want to know how their futures will be and how they will make their life beautiful, and they think about these constantly. As they think these, negative thoughts come to their mind and they feel stressed and anxious. What’s more, adults and elders overthink more about their pasts, children, health problems, and death. They experience some things in their lives and overthink about those. In this way, stress catches them and gives them some health problems. 

    Consequently, if people know what causes stress, they can relieve it, and seize the day. Causes of stress are financial problems, personal relationships, and overthinking. Especially, society today experiences this stress because of the changing world. Even if it is hard, people should avoid being stressed. Do not feel stressed, just do your best!