Re-shaping Education for the Digital Age

Online Education Vs. Face-To-Face Education

Education is the most critical field of a developing nation. Hence, the education system is very important for teaching information more effectively. It is considered that the online education system should be used instead of face-to-face ones. The cause of this opinion is the new digital age we live in. Hereby, it is claimed that the education system should also be digitalized, as everything starts to change as technology develops. However, while there is a chance to use technology in face-to-face education, the opinion of changing classical education to digital one does not make sense. 

First of all, online education causes students to lack communication skills. Communication skills are crucial in learning and teaching. These skills enable them to share information and ideas related to learning. In online teaching and learning, teachers and students may not be able to communicate with each other. Even if there is a team online, the students might not be able to communicate and cooperate. Hence, they can be ineffective learners in online education. This ineffectiveness in communication is bad for them and makes them unsuccessful in learning and the other process. 

Second, online education causes the rise of cheating on assignments. Assignments are the inevitable duties in the learning process of students. They enable them to acquire new knowledge while searching. Therefore, the teachers want them to search for something, filter the information, and create the original content. However, in online learning, students can do their assignments with plagiarism. Moreover, they can have someone else do their homework. These cheating ways are possible for them in online education. By cheating, the students cannot learn anything and make something original. 

Third, the other disadvantage of online education is to cause a lack of motivation. In the learning process, the student's motivation is the most important thing. It helps them concentrate on lessons and assignments. With their motivation, they can get the information effectively. However, this is not as easy as it is considered. Although it is considered an advantage to be an individual in online education, this individuality causes them to lose focus and motivation. Moreover, if they have an environment where they do not study, this may further decrease their motivation and let them stay away from the lesson.

According to some researchers and experts, online education should be used instead of classical face-to-face education. It is considered to be more suitable for the digital age. However, in reality, online education only makes it possible for students to watch the lessons again. Moreover, many people think that education should become technologically advanced. However, the technology that has many harms indeed should not replace face-to-face classes.

In a nutshell, the opinion of reshaping education to online education is an unreasonable attempt. Some experts and people think of removing classical education because of the digitalizing world. However, the technology that is harmful as well does not replace real classes. What’s more, online education causes a lack of communication skills and motivation, also increasing cheating. Briefly, this idea put forward to adapt to the digital age is undoubtedly wrong.