Victoria's Secret World Tour 2023

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is back! And now, it is in a film that's part documentary, part fashion event.

The Victoria's Secret fashion show is coming back after a four-year hiatus. The brand announced its rebrand in 2021 failing the keep up with the diversity and body positivity movement. Even the executive of L Brands, which is Victoria's Secret parent company said in an interview with Vogue that he didn't think the Victoria's Secret annual fashion show should include ''transexuals'' because the show was a ''fantasy''. Even though Razek issued a formal apology after a big backlash from the public. It was the start of the end of Victoria's Secret shows. However, now Victoria's Secret is back, looking more diverse and body-positive than ever. It is all strategic of course, they need to save their reputation and boost their sales. So in an attempt to achieve that, the new faces of the brand were celebrated because of their talents and achievements, not their bodies. So on the eve of the New York Fashion Week, it was announced that the Victoria's Secret fashion show would be back and it is called. Victoria's Secret World Tour. It is a film that includes documentary footage of the ‘Tour’ and of course, a fashion show headlining Doja Cat. The Victoria's Secret World Tour is set to premiere on 26 September on Amazon Prime.

So, the brand has a chance to really prove that this time, they are really here to represent all women and shake off the ''fake-woke'' allegations. However, will Victoria's Secret still be a Victoria's Secret without its unrealistically skinny hot (and white) models and all the glitter? This is what made it all so special about the show all those years, even though it was purely made for the male gaze. The glamour, enchantment, sexiness, and wings defined the brand. But this is what is intriguing about all the rebranding of the show. Everyone wonders what is going to be like since its departure from male fantasy. The press release claimed the film would value women's voices and experiences and the story would center around all the designers, models, and artists' talents and experiences. For the Victoria's Secret World Tour premiere, on the 6th of September, just before the NYFW, the brand brought back its remarkable ''pink'' carpet and it starred Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, former iconic Angels such as Adriana Lima, and Candice Swanepoel and new faces of the brand, including nepo babies like Lila Moss and Iris Law. In the event, one familiar thing other than the glaring pink carpet was the wings, of course. Victoria's Secret is hard to think of without wings, but with one small difference, now the models will not be called ''Angels'' but ''winged women'', indicated by the Instagram teasers of the show.

However, not everyone seems excited about the brand, many people think that the rebirth of the brand is pretentious and a rip-off of Rihanna's lingerie brand SavagexFenty's shows that became a pioneer when it comes to diversity and body positivity in the fashion area. So can the Victoria's Secret World Tour prove that the brand is honestly all about women's experiences and diversification and welcoming to all body types while preserving all the glamour and grandeur? Here and now, all eyes turned to the showLet's see if all the 18 million people who have streamed the last VS show will be tuned in for the Victoria's Secret World Tour.