Berfin Şafak Şahbal

Personal Summary

Hello everyone, I'm Berfin Şafak Şahbal and a fresh graduated psychologist. Writing is one of the main hobbies of mine. So, here I am on Typelish to write mainly about psychology, music and theatre.


  • July,2022

    BSc Psychology Izmir University of Economics, Balçova, Izmir

    I started to be an university student in 2016. After studying 1 year, I suspended my degree for 2 years to develop my German skills at Goethe Institut-İzmir. In 2018, I started again and graduated in 2022.

  • June,2016

    High School Diploma TAKEV High School, Sahilevleri, Izmir

    I started to learn German in high school years. Before that I only knew English as foreign language. That's why I went to TAKEV High School for 5 years (1 year German-Prep Class + 4 year usual high school degree). That's why I started in 2011 and graduated from high school in 2016.

Employment History

  • September 12th 2022- November 6th 2022

    Content Writer Bein Mind-Kidilish

    Remote content writer. Main created subjects were child development, parent-child relationship, parental issues.

  • August 2021

    Psychologist Intern Private Gaziemir İlkgül Special Education and Rehabilitation Center/Gaziemir - IZMIR

    The duration of my experience of being a psychologist intern was 1 month.