Best 10 Movies To Watch For Halloween

If you are looking for some "Netflix and Chills" for Halloween month, this list is for you!

1. Halloween

It would be better if we said Halloween series for this one because there are 13 Halloween movies in total. The series has the same have with the holiday and we can say that it is the father of Halloween movies. It's a classic "The Killer on Halloween" movie. The story takes place on Halloween night 1963, in Haddonfield, Illinois and it starts with Micheal Myers killing his sister.

2. Scream

Scream is also a series continuing since 1997, there is also a new movie that came out recently in 2023. For this one, in every movie, there's a new killer. The story starts in Woodsboro, California with the mysterious murder of Steve and his girlfriend, Casey by someone with a "screaming face" mask that later becomes an iconic trend.

3. The Shining

The Shining is thought as one of the best movies of all time. The movie, that we all remember with the "Here comes Johnny!" line, is a Stanley Kubrick movie, and it's based on the Stephen King book of the same name.

4. Friday 13th

Friday 13th is also a series with 12 movies in total. It starts in 1958, with the murder of a couple in Camp Crystal Lake by an unknown killer. I think it's a great time to watch Friday 13th during this October because October 13th is a Friday!

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a movie series with 9 movies in total. The first movie Came out in 1974 and the last movie in 2022. The killer is a man with a leather mask and a chainsaw and for the "slasher" genre fans, it's a great movie series.

6. Twilight

The twilight series has 5 movies in total. The first one came out in 2008. I wouldn't count any movie in the series as a horror movie but it's a classic to watch Twilight in October while the weather is just starting to get cloudy and dark, and the fall is showing itself.

7. Child's Play

Child's Play is also a classic horror movie series to watch. It has 8 movies. The first movie came out in 1988. It tells the story of a psycho-killer doll, Chucky.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop-motion movie by Tim Burton. It came out in 1993. It tells the story of Halloween Town where, every year, Halloween is set.

9. Coraline

Coraline is also an animation movie but I think it was pretty scary for an animation movie. The movie came out in 2009 and it is by Neil Gaiman. It tells the story of a little girl, Coraline, who finds a secret door in their house and goes through a parallel universe.

10. Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween is the best movie for you if you're bored of slasher movies for Halloween. It's starring Adam Sandler and even though it has a bit of scary scenes, it's more like a comedy movie and it's great to watch if you want to calm down after all those horror movies.