Breakfast at Tiffany's

This classic New York movie can be your Tiffany's.

A classic, a marvelous romance, an escape, and a place to rest your head. For those of you who haven't seen this movie based on the book of the same name I have two words to describe it; Audrey Hepburn. Her take on Holly Golightly is fun and carrying. Now, if you are going to watch this movie I'd advise you to focus on what you see on the screen and not to dive into the subtexts. After all, this piece is solely based on fun.

Although the book takes place in the 40s, it was changed in the movie. So, it's the 60's, New York. Parties are wild and the people are even wilder. And amongst that wilderness, a budding romance captures the screen like a tornado in its all simpleness. As it keeps you on the edge of your seats with its uncertainties it also gives you a feeling of belonging. This romance is the reason why I prefer the movie rather than the book, as there is no romance in the novel. Frankly personally, Holly cannot be imagined without her beloved friend Paul Varjak on her side. The way their friendship slowly turns into a romance. Oh, the way Paul never turns his back to Holly no matter what! Though, most importantly, the way Holly has to break her walls and give in to Paul, to her true feelings when she realizes that she is about to lose him for good. It was exciting and uneasy and beautiful and pure. It's how they did it back then, isn't it? Just love. There was no expiration date on it. Nobody tried to label a simple feeling as a rotten tomato. Lovers were patient and trustworthy and patient again. But then the '70s '90s and 2000s came and something changed. Nobody can put their fingers on it but everyone says: 'Somethin's changed. Times are not the same.'. We have lost a piece here. And it doesn't seem that it's going to be restored since nobody can tell what it is. But today's love doesn't taste the same anymore. Anyways, if you want to be reminded of what love was or, what being a human being in love was check this classic out.