On Upcoming Hogwarts: Legacy Game

Review on newly released Hogwarts Legacy without spoliers.

All these years Harry Potter fans suffered due to the lack of quality open-world games compared to other universes such as Lord of the Rings, the Witcher...etc. Although the universe had some quality games such as Half-Blood Prince, these games were just movie-based games that allow fans to play the story that they have already read and seen probably multiple times. The upcoming Hogwarts: Legacy has the potential to wipe out all the bad memories. Hogwarts: Legacy is identified as an action-role-playing game, which means that instead of playing as Harry, this time fans will have a chance to play as their own character and experience a story of their own. The game offers much more than just building your own character.

So far the producers show a glimpse of what the game features for the fans. Without giving spoilers, let's see the list of features that the game offers;

Unique flying mode

Advance dueling

Multiple side character interactions

Open-world (Both Hogwarts and Hogsmeade)

Besides the main questline, Hogwarts legacy has tons of different side quests that are carefully prepared to both challenge and satisfy the players.

Everything is customizable; physical features, clothes, wands, brooms, your own place, and more.

The timeline of the game is reportedly in the 1800s, which means players will see tons of new characters along with the ones they know but did not see in the previous compositions.

Overall, Hogwarts: Legacy allows players to choose their own path in the storyline. You can be a defender of goodness or choose to follow the footsteps of a dark wizard, focus on your academics or become an expert in mischief. Every single detail is up to the players' decisions, which is what the Harry Potter fans have been waiting for years.