Podcast Recommendation: WHAT's THE JUICE PODCAST

Hey! Do you want to meet my favorite couple!

I wanna introduce my only favorite podcast. This is what’s the juice pod!

But first, let’s get to know our hosts.



Alia Zaitza is  24 years old. She celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago and she's Romanian but, her family immigrated from Romania to America when she was a child. Every time I watch his vlogs or podcasts and she talks about Romanian food or she cooks, I fall in love...

Because my family immigrated too.

They were born and lived in Bulgaria and therefore we have the same taste in food with her. Okay, we've had some regressions, but we need to get new information about her.

She is currently an influencer. But at the same time, as far as I know correctly, she worked for an advertising company for a few months.

First, I followed her on youtube since 2021 by watching her videos, by the way, they’re really good. If you like watching chilling or relaxing, calm daily life videos, you will probably enjoy it! Then, the way she accepted her life, the people in her life, art, and life impressed me a lot.

To be honest, maybe when you read this article and then wonder about his life - because I know I speak big - and you look at his content on youtube, you can easily ask "But where is the gorgeous part?" You will say.

The key for me is to be "Simple" which is how I love it. Every time I watch your videos (every night every week since I live in Turkey), I feel like I'm meditating.


So, if I have to mention the co-host of the podcast is Yoni Ekoto I love the way expresses his ideas. He is an excellent photographer, he also works in a cafe. He always has good stories, sometimes weird but always fun:)

And I love that.

And guys!

These people talk about life, how it's going to suck sometimes, relationships, friendships, family ties, and society, which I like when they talk about certain, ordinary, everyday things in this life because it comes true.

And I find my thoughts in their thoughts. So I think THIS keeps our connection strong. 

Also, I love to listening them while they are talking. Because they're quite different from each other and that makes them a good couple. 

Alia is shy, Yoni is more open with people, and he likes to talk to strangers or all kinds of people. Whenever he tells us a story, Alia always says “ Damn! how could you do that? I could never do that."

and I think this could be a good example.


Anyway, they are launching a new bag now. The fabric of the bag looks like a tote bag fabric, it looks good quality. You can follow their Instagram page if you want, I will bring a link in the description box. Then, with this link, you can access both the bags and the new episode of What’s Juice Podcast.

If you wanna know where this name came from, please check out episode 51

“Season 2”

-I will add a link below-

Last but not least one of my favorite things about them; they’re a friendly couple. Whenever I message them on Instagram they always reply to my messages and it's not like they write fake comments. They don't pretend to be unlovable, fake Instagrammers. You're going to feel this honesty, so I think that's pretty sweet.

So they eventually, became my digital friends. Honestly, if I see them in person I can make a connection and ask them to order a coffee or something… cause I feel like I know them. 

Because when you followed someone; that person’s videos, podcasts -it doesn’t matter- I think you can find a connection between you as time goes on. Because you got involved in someone's life. And this is so special to me.

I hope they can keep this up for a long time...

Love this young, talented, and beautiful couple!



This is fairly new gossip to me. I don't wanna mean "gossip", but it is!
Because they got engaged!

it will be almost 3 years!

how am I not surprised???

and it is not over yet...

At the end of next month, they will be moving from Seattle to the US.



(if you click on this link, you will reach the last episode of What's The Juice Podcast and you can also buy or look at their bags)


(episode 51)