The Nine Squads Of The Magic Knights In Black Clover

If it is up to you, which Magic Knight Squad will you join? Let's see the proud history of each squad with their current ranking and state.

Black Clover anime has been on air since 2015. Relatively can be labeled as a brand new series, Black Clover anime has gained popularity among action-fantasy-type anime followers. Universe design pretty much build it on a Medieval Britain concept. In a continent much like Britain, where magic is a testament to one's power, three separate magic kingdoms have the ambitions of ruling the realm. People's values are based on the magic they possess, and Kingdom's power is based on the quality of their magic knights. In the Clover Kingdom where the main story proceeds, 9 magic knight squads protect the kingdom, all of them representing different qualities that a magic knight can possess.

Golden Dawn

Led by Captain William Vengeance, the Golden Dawn squad is the top-rated squad among its peers. Their cloak of arms resembles the uniform of the first wizard king, and their sigil is a golden sun rose behind a castle. Overall 125 stars were collected by their achievements during the missions given by the Wizard King himself, Golden Dawns possess a power to be reckoned with. Their most noticeable qualities are nearly all of their members are royal members of the Kingdom with the only exception being Yuno, the eternal friend and rival of the main protagonist Asta. Golden Dawn demonstrates the power and dominance of the noble class generally, but in total, they represent success and domination, their captain selected even a peasant to the ranks to bolster the squad. Yuno, an exceptional magic knight known as the owner of the four-leaf clover grimoire, is the only known peasant selected for the team. Overall, Golden Dawn is an organized, powerful, and effective squad that takes the most important missions without a blink of an eye.

Black Bull

Well, if you look for a team that works like a combination of chaos and resilience, the Black Bull squad is a tailored cut for you. Led by Yami Sukehiro, the Black Bull squad is the second highest-ranking squad in the kingdom, although they have an infamous reputation as freaks. At the beginning of the series, Black Bulls have -30 stars because they casually bring more chaos rather than a solution. Although their members are known as a freak, their squad has really powerful knights only not selected by others because of their different personalities. The main protagonist, Asta, was also selected by Captain Yami because of the display of his will and persona. Black Bull squad, due to the selection of Asta to their team, became the main squad in the series. Although they are a bit messy, overall the Black Bull squad has earned their position as the second highest-ranked squad by working hard and being determined to achieve their goals.

Silver Eagle

Silver Eagle squad is the third highest-ranked team in the Clover Kingdom, and without a doubt, they are the cockiest ones. Led by the Nozel Silva, members of the Silver Eagle squad are all noble and elegant-looking people. Due to the team's long history with royalty, the only people who could be selected for the team are nobles. Silver Eagle squad represents the royal class of the kingdom, they look cold, mean, and elegant and look down on anyone who is not a royal bloodline. Silver Eagle squad is directly related to the Silva Family, one of the oldest and most powerful noble families in the kingdom. Hence, the magic power of a person is the most important quality in this universe, and Silver Eagles will look down on anyone who does have not potential in magic, even their own family. Overall Silver Eagles are a powerful group directly related to royalty, hence they will do anything to protect the kingdom, and by doing so they prove their superiority.

Crimson Lion

Crimson Lion Squad, also known as Crimson Lion Kings, is the fourth highest-ranked squad in the kingdom. Crimson Lion Kings is another squad that is related to royalty, the Vermillion House. Led by the Fuegoleon Vermillion, Crimson Lion is known for their superior fire magic abilities. Members of the squad are known for their endurance, fierceness, and strong will. As a testimony to their superiority in fire magic, their team captain Fuegoleon Vermillion has been chosen by the Fire Soul, Salamander. Another distinctive fact about the Crimson Lion squad is that they compete with the Silver Eagle squad. Two squads led by the two of the noble families in the Clover Kingdom, constantly strive for greatness, compete and challenge each other showing the true nature of the squad. Overall, Crimson Lion Kings is an elite group that challenges everyone, competitive and fiercely strong.

Blue Rose

Blue Rose Squad is a unique team gathered by their captain Charlotte Roselei. The most distinctive feature of the squad is its members. Blue Rose squad members are all women. The main aim of the squad proving that women are just strong as a man. All team members can be described as fierce independent women who take the fighting into their hands. The team has strict rules such as no man or any romantic interference is forbidden. Therefore, the Blue Rose squad often resembles amazon warriors or today's feminist activists. Squad is currently ranked 5th in the Kingdom for its success on the given missions. Overall, the Blue Rose squad is an organized, well-trained, and disciplined team that proves women can be just as strong as men on the battlefield.

Green Mantis

Green Mantis squad is a close-mid-range combat team its member usually hone their skills in this type of warfare. Hence, the Green Mantis squad is not an overachiever group, the team is usually ranked in the middle to bottom compared to other magic knight squads. The one distinctive feature of the team is its members. Green Mantis squad, different than the other squads, select its members from the commoners instead of nobles. It could be said that the team represents the power of the commoners in a world ruled by the nobles. Another distinctive element of the team is its captain, the infamous Jack the Ripper. The most famous serial killer in history this time acts as a shiny knight who protects the kingdom. Well, Jack does not exactly act like that but still, the interpretation of the character is quite intriguing. Jack uses ripper magic, allowing him to cut down anyone, or anything really, into pieces. Although the Green Mantis squad is not a very attractive squad for the young candidates, they offer to get mentorship from a very influential captain and prove the nobles wrong by getting beat by the commoners.

Coral Peacock

Coral Peacock squad ranked 7th among the kingdom's magic knight squads. Dorothy Unsworth leads the team. The team is usually not very popular throughout the kingdom, hence, they have a few recognizable members such as Kirsch Vermillion, the feather magic user, and their captain Dorothy Unsworth, the dream magic user. Other than its team captain and Vise-Captain, the team does not have fame or recognition, and waiting for the time to shine into glory.

Purple Orca

Purple Orca squad, also known as the Killer Whales, are ranked 8th in the Kingdom. Sadly, the Purple Orca squad has been shaken by the betrayal of their captain Gueldre Poizot and labeled as a shady team. Hence, Purple Orca has memorable members such as Zara Ideale, who inspires not only his son Zora to become a powerful magic knight, but also the Sorcerer King Julius Novachrono himself. Overall, the Purple Orca squad currently found itself in a lower position than the other magic knight squads, waiting for the right candidates to lift the squad's upper ranks.

Aqua Deer

Aqua Deer Squad is currently ranked at the lowest position among the magic knight squads in the Clover Kingdom. Hence, do not let the current position of the team cheat you, Aqua Deer squad is formerly known as the Grey Deer squad led by the current Wizard King Julius Novachrono himself. Those are the days were the members of the squad have led Clover Kingdom to glory. Some former members of the squad are Yumi Sukehiro who is currently the captain of the Black Bulls squad, and William Vengeance who is currently the captain of the Golden Down squad. The current Wizard King and two of the highest-ranked squad's captains formerly rose to glory within the ranks of Grey Deer Squad. The team is currently led by Rill Boismortier, the youngest squad captain in the Clover Kingdom's history. Aqua Deer squad maintains an unlimited potential to offer the candidates with his immense history.