The Perfect Fall Capsule Wardrobe

The ultimate guide to build a stylish, versatile and timeless fall capsule collection.

Fall is here and with the arrival of the new season, we all have to desire to freshen up and get our lives in order, that usually means a wardrobe reset for me. If that is the case for you, please join me in creating the ultimate capsule wardrobe this fall.

What exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is an approach to fashion and clothing organization that focuses on minimalism. The ultimate goal is to make your closet simpler. Sustainability in fashion is becoming more and more important and focusing on quality over quantity is the new wave. Enough with the saying ''I don't have anything to wear'', a simple decluttering and building a closet with timeless and versatile pieces is all you need. The key is to select pieces that can be combined and matched to create different outfits while keeping it simple. Also, recall that personalization is the key. Focusing on minimalism does not equal to not having your own style. The idea of the capsule wardrobe is taking specific things that you like and adapting them to your closet to mirror your own style. You can also modify your capsule wardrobe from one year to the next by corporating a few fashionable items or replacing your old clothes while maintaining a collection of versatile essentials.

The essentials of the perfect fall capsule wardrobe:

1- Let's begin with the basics: white tee. You can't never go wrong with the white shirt. It's a star, not only in the fall but all year round. Just select a style that is just right for you and pair it with jeans, blazers, heels, or just basic sneakers. The white shirt is your hero, you can dress it up or down.

2- A comfy long-sleeve tees, preferably in neutral colors if you want to add more timeless pieces to your wardrobe, are absolutely fundamental for fall.

3- Sweaters. Turtleneck, crewneck, or cardigans, it does not matter. The perfect basic sweater of high quality is perfect for cold rainy fall days. Also perfect for layering.

4- And another star: knee-high boots. Perfect for the effortless but elevated chic style. A neutral colored tee with jeans, sounds boring right? Now just wear that heeled boots with it to achieve a cool and chic look.

5- A large tote bag is the most essential piece for the new academic semester or anything. A good classic tote is the best if you want to have all your must-haves right by your side all the time, everywhere.

6- High-quality jeans are a must-have for fall. Classic high-quality jeans will last you a lifetime. Especially straight-leg jeans will never let you down if you want to create a good look. This style of jeans is the most versatile, it can be combined with heels, boots, or loafers, maybe sneakers for more of a casual look.

7- Fall is the season of layering so leggings or tights are perfect for this mission. Leggings are for you when you want to be comfortable but stylish and it is perfect if you want to achieve that athleisure chic look.

8- The maxi skirt is a key trend in 2023. It is a safe choice rather than a mini skirt that can be uncomfortable at times and it is effortless to style it. Throwing a cardigan over it and heels under it, without a doubt, you'll look flawless for your business meeting or class.

9- Never underestimate the power of the button-down shirt. It is a quintessential component of a capsule wardrobe. Great when it is combined with a pair of loafers and jeans, or with blazers and pencil skirts for important days.

10- Statement jewelry for an extra flair is needed regardless of the season. The 'it' earrings at the moment are Bottega Veneta's Drop Earrings (and luckily it has many duplicates on the market right now) so just grab yours and combine them with a turtleneck sweater to create your effortless chic fall look.

11- And lastly, the real MVP for the ultimate fall capsule wardrobe of all time: A classic trenchcoat. It is no surprise that trenchcoats have been in fashion for decades. Trencoats are the best when you want a piece to wear and hold on to forever. They will never fail you if you want to pull a classic timeless elegant look together.