Trend Cycles

Yesterday this one old lady that I came across on the street said that she wore the same pants when she was my age.

Most of us love the feeling of finding cute stuff when we sneak into our mothers' old closets. Love it with multiple o's at that!! But some clothes always look new to us even though she bought them when we did not even exist? The possibility of our mothers being time travelers is low but then how are those clothes there, in an era where we could go to a store and find the exact same thing on a shelf? We should only be glad that we do not have to buy so much with the now available "Mom's Rotting Side of the Wardrobe" option she is willing to share (you don't even wear them anyway!), but there must be also be an exciting reason behind it.

This concept is called fashion which is something we are all familiar with even if the slightest bit, runs on a cycle that never stops. In this constant chain of inspiration, a piece always attracts someone again and finds its way back on the shelves.

Growing up, it is only normal that we take after our parents and older siblings. The way they walk, and the way they talk surely do affect our ways of living while we look for the exact mold to fit our character. The pretty dresses our mothers wore or the cool glasses and hats our fathers always kept by their side became keys in our memories thus forming the idea of what is new and modern for us. Designers, one of the core pieces of the industry are no different and it comes with no surprise that they pour what shaped their perspectives onto papers. Always taking bits and pieces from our past, trends always come back with slight time adjustments and improvements.

As the media access and the number of media platforms, we can consume grow day by day, the opportunities to broaden our minds multiply. Having the chance to consume all kinds of media growing up, we are also granted the opportunity to see so many different cultures and trends of outfits which leaves us with more options to choose from.

Some pieces are timeless and never leave our closets even after tens and tens of trends. It is always nice to keep our basic tees to ensure longevity and versatility. Trends come and go at least once for every generation but it is also a known fact that one can never go wrong with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. While what is new is always fun, investing in the timeless is a forever deal.

In this endless cycle of fashion, anything could be served back to us in a slightly time-adjusted way at any moment. Can't wait for my kids to find my old pants cute after saying they were ugly for years and years!