Valeria and some thoughts on life

A show that will make you feel IRL!

Not everything is as it seems on TV. Not every perfect-looking relationship lasts as perfectly as it seems. Not every good-looking guy is as good as he looks.

Most of the TV shows or movies show you people who know exactly what they want and get them so easily, people who get so perfect at what they do so quickly, people in great relationships with gorgeous-looking people...

Not Valeria.

I'll admit that I hit play the first time I saw Valeria on Netflix just because I wanted something that wouldn't require any deep thinking and something that I can just play on the back while I'm doing other things on my phone (yes, attention deficiency issues, I know), but Valeria is the kind of a show that would sometimes keep your eyes locked on the screen, sometimes makes you cry your eyes out and sometimes makes you feel so safe.

The show tells the story of four young women, Valeria, Nerea, Carmen, and Lola, who live in Madrid, Spain, and their friendship. Nerea is a lawyer, Carmen works at an advertising company, Lola is a translator, and Valeria, our main girl, is a newbie writer.

When you read just the part above, it sounds so shallow. Maybe you're saying " Well it sounds like every other show on Netflix, they're probably happy with their life and the show represents nothing I can relate to.”


I guess the thing that makes this show different is that it's so much like real life.

(no worries, I won't give out any spoilers)

Unlike TV shows, in real life, things might not work as we want them to. We will think that we found our dream job, and it won't be it.

Let's say that we have found our dream job, we will think that we will be great at it, but we won't.

Sometimes, someone will show up, and we'll think we're in love, that they're the one. They won't be.


Sometimes, you will think that your life will go down always, and nothing or no one will be able to save it, well, it's gonna be okay eventually.

You will think that you won't find any good friends, or one, but you will.

Valeria tells the exact story of these ups and downs in life, the story of bad people and good people you'll meet through your life, the story of your falls and rises, the pool of tears or the glasses of celebration champagne (or wine :))

You can find Valeria on Netflix with the newest 3rd season, NOW!